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Executive Assistant- Dublin - Facebook - Dublin - Dublin Jobs

Ensure email lists, org charts and other administrative systems are maintained and current. Liaison with the internal Global Marketing Solutions team read more...

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5 alternative data jobs if you don't want to be a data scientist

When you think of jobs in data, you probably think of data scientists and analysts. But there are a myriad of alternative data jobs you can pursue.

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Twitter now throwing abusive accounts in temporary sin bin

Twitter has started rolling out some of its new policies to tackle online abuse, including a new feature that will temporarily place abusive accounts in a sin bin.

It has been a busy month for Twitter as theplatform continues to actively ta read more...

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In From the Wind

Canon Gleeson blessed them on horseback.

During the First World War, he was attached to the 2nd Battalion of the Royal Munster

Fusiliers. The battle of Aubers Ridge was on the horizon.

Once the guns had ceased, though, the cas

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48 Hours in London

In the 90s London was deemed the coolest city humanly possible to travel to, and obviously even cooler to live in. This was long before Berlin, Los Angeles and other, more exotic destinations slowly took its crown. But how d read more...

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Council Briefs: Airbnb, Borrowing to Build, and Luxury Homes

Independent Dublin City Councillor Mannix Flynnsays he is disappointed with how long it has taken for the council to respond to the growing number of Airbnb and Airbnb-style apartments in the city and the impact this is having on housing supply i read more...

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Kennan & Sons Ltd., Iron works, Fishamble Street, Dublin – Dublin Picture

Kennan & Sons Ltd., Iron works, Fishamble Street, Dublin

From the wide open spaces of Ballinasloe Fair Green to one of the oldest parts of inner city Dubl read more...